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Launch Your Online Store Today

Attractive & optimized web design for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Manage Your Online Sales Easily

Accept orders

Accept, manage, process and ship orders quickly to your customers. View the order details and history.

Stepcart allows yout to automatically process order's payments and fulfillments, and keep your customers up-to-date.


Print or email your professional looking invoices branded with your company logo.


Create and manage partial or full shipments with tracking information.


Refund products or services, and auto update your inventory quantities easily.

Fast & Secure Checkout

Sell globally by accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other debit/credit cards, using PayPal or offline methods such as money orders, checks and wire transfers in multiple currencies.

Flexible Shipping Rates and Taxes

Flexible Shipping

Create custom flexible shipping rates based on location, price, weight or item count.

Shipping Labels

Print shipping labels and packing slips for multiple orders with just a few clicks.

Smart Taxation

StepCart tax system automatically adds the correct tax rate(s) simply
by loocking at your customer’s address.

Sell Anything -
From Digital & Physical products, to Services

We’ve created an eCommerce platform that allows you to sell anything, from t-shirts & electronic books, to blog posts & to accept donations.

Physical Products You Can Touch!

Books, CDs, or DVDs

Digital Products You Can Upload!

Electronic Books

Services/Other And Anything Else!

Collect Donations
Buy Piano Lessons
Advice or Consulting

Manage Customers

Learn about your customers, their desires, needs, preferences and grow your online business.

Customer Information

Knowing your customers is the overarching rule of exceptional companies.

Customer Reports

Generate reports and comprehend how to sell to your customers your entire company product line.

Customer Groups

Segment your customers by volume, type, or any other group to increase sales performance.

Promotional Tools That Work

Our eCommerce software includes marketing tools to boost profit and productivity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An online store that’s highly ranked by search engines can increase traffic and bring you potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer. Our shopping cart provides the online tools you need to ensure your store gets the attention it deserves from search engines.

Special Offers, Promotions & Discounts

Creating a customer-focused culture like this is an online business opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Offer your customers the best deals or give discounts they can’t refuse. Set up special category and cart promotions to reward your most loyal customers.

Related & Cross-Sells Products

Increase your sales by suggesting related, cross-sells products or services your customers might be interested in.

Wish Lists

 A simple feature to allow customers to purchase your products in the future.

Secure ecommerce hosting

Sell faster. Keep everything safe 365 days a year.

PCI Compliant Hosting

We ensure the security of your customer's data.

Blazing Fast Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers are designed for high workloads with resilient software architecture.

Hassle-Free Set Up

Your online store is created within seconds of sign-up, and upgrades are always instantaneous.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We will never leave you in the dark. Free traffic forever!

99.9% Uptime

We work hard all day, every day to make sure your website is always online and working for you.

Your Store With Your Own Domain Name

Already have a domain you want to use? By adjusting your DNS settings, you can display your own store at that address.

Best performance with the new technologies

Symfony 2 framework, a next generation PHP framework.
AngularJS, a JavaScript toolset for building the framework.
Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework.