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The Importance of Mobile Ecommerce Apps

E-commerce Inspiration Posted on Aug 12, 2015 by 0 Comments

In the last few years, online shopping has secured consumer buying power with the help of mobile devices. According to an IBM report, mobile traffic accounted for 45 percent of all online traffic for the 2014 holiday season. We’re witnessing the next frontier of mobile ecommerce.

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How SaaS Shopping Carts Compare to Their Competition

E-commerce Inspiration Posted on Aug 3, 2015 by 0 Comments

So, you’re ready to launch an online store? Well, you’re in luck. A wide variety of shopping cart packages exist to meet your business’s needs.

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How Video Can Impact Your Conversion Rates

E-commerce Inspiration Posted on Jul 27, 2015 by 0 Comments
Video consumption is soaring amongst online audiences. From 2013 to 2014, 43 percent more videos were watched online. For e-commerce businesses, this translates into an immense opportunity to market products and services to consumers.
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How Social Proof Influences Your SaaS Revenue

E-commerce Inspiration Posted on Jul 16, 2015 by 0 Comments

The basic concept of social proof is simple. People are influenced by the behaviors of others. Research studies show that “63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews.”

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New Default Theme

Stepcart Updates Posted on Jul 7, 2015 by 0 Comments
We designed a new default theme for online stores on Stepcart. Our team has been working strenuously since December 2014 by reinventing every single element of pages with care for each pixel. It’s everything there is to passion about eCommerce.
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Introducing Stepcart Beta

Latest Headlines Posted on Dec 2, 2014 by 0 Comments
Introducing Stepcart Beta
We are excited to announce that the first public beta version of Stepcart eCommerce platform is now available.
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